Ski touring in New Zealand

This year I managed to come back earlier from my adventures in the Artic which meant there was time for some ski tours in New Zealand. To kick it all off and to get back into the swing of ski touring I went with the Queenstown women outdoor network to a ski touring camp at Mt Cook. Pretty dodgy weather meant that we made it to Plateau Hut, but had to stay put for a day while a big storm delivered 50cm of fresh snow. Avalanche risk after that was high and we stayed on flattish ground. That didn't stop me enjoying a fantastic outing on a blue sky day across the Grand Plateau towards Anzac Peaks.

A week later at Labour weekend I was back at Mt Cook, with some friends. This time flying into Kelman Hut for 3 days of ski touring in fantastic weather on Tasman Glacier. The absolute highlight was a trip through the ice formations of Canyon Land, just below Tasman Saddle Hut.